15 – A Free Spirit

The discussions which arose from Blog numbers 7 & 10 about where “home” is and what makes it “home” have made me think a great deal about how and why it is that I can feel so quickly content almost anywhere.  It made me think again about my mother’s extraordinary travel history, and wonder if I’ve inherited some sort of “travel gene” from her.

My mum’s mother had escaped the Russian Revolution as a child.  Mum herself was born in 1930 in a village outside Danzig when it was a Free City-State, so in that sense she was truly a child of the whole world, not constrained by national boundaries. Continue reading

“Conejo Blanco” photo challenge 1 – Looking Up

Well who knew that blogging was such a communal activity?  Turns out it’s NOT just a bunch of people sitting alone at their computers, sending their words out into the Blogosphere, never knowing if anyone reads their carefully-crafted prose.  Thanks to Marianne, who somehow found my first tentative steps into Spanish blogging, I have been able to connect with other bloggers about Andalucia, read their thoughts, stories and philosophies, and enjoy their photos. Continue reading