9 – Packing

One suitcase.  One chance to take the books, DVDs, music, memorabilia, and a few of the special things that make a house a home.  What to choose?  Twenty kilograms of memories to put onto new shelves in a new home.  There may be other opportunities, odd bits squeezed into hand luggage, maybe another suitcase another day.  Possibly a car trip in the winter.  But for the time being, one suitcase.  One baggage fee paid to Ryanair. One bag booked into the hold to fly to Málaga tomorrow.

I need some books, but which few can be taken?  I have my Kindle, of course, but no house can be a home without books on the shelf.  A few books about Spain, a copy of “The Shadow of the Wind” by Carlos Ruiz Zafón (just the English language version – though I have the Spanish version too), and a couple of lighter novels for winter evenings.  I need to re-read John Hooper’s “The New Spaniards” to understand more about modern Spanish culture, so that must go in.

A whole stack of DVDs and a handful of CDs, though I have neither a DVD player nor a CD player yet.  Those need to be urgent purchases next week.  Cables and chargers for laptop and mobile phone,  It feels as though this suitcase should be full of the special things.  It feels like the last opportunity, even though it isn’t.  But there’s something highly symbolic about pacing through the rooms of the cottage, choosing these limited few things, the most important, to take their place in the Spanish house.  Yet the case bulges with little of any significance.  It’s more about practicalities and comfort than symbolism.

I add a pottery dove made by my friend Ann Wilson, perfect for the breakfast patio.  A couple of painted ceramic coasters which I’d given my mum – it’s the little things like that which will remind me of her every day.

Weigh-in time.  20.3 kg.  Just 300 grams over.  I’ll risk it.  The case is ready.  I think I’m ready now as well.




© Tamara Essex 2012

7 thoughts on “9 – Packing

  1. It sounds like you are taking all you need. Your mother will be with you, whether or not you take anything of hers along. 🙂 I find it is photographs that make me feel at home and, as for books, it is probably cheaper to post them than to take them as cabin luggage! x

  2. Something that is typically Shaftsbury, maybe a candle holder or something but that cannot be found ( style wise ) in Spain, it will also be handy when the lights go out. I have a painting that was given to me when we left Devon of Cotehele House and it shows a part of the garden we have walked many many times as it was 10 mins from home and we regularly had sunday cream teas there. It not only reminds me of those times but of the friends we used to go with and i often stand in my bed room and in my minds eye walk thro the picture and beyond…. Take a picture book of Shafts bury and take a picture book of Spain back to The uk with you, get one of those photo books done of all your fave pics and take it to Spain. It will be lighter than taking lots of photos and the originals can stay safe in your primary home and you can put it on yr coffee table in your new place and reminisce….

  3. Useful thoughts there, Lyndsey & Margaret. I do need to take more pictures (paintings as well as photos). And a couple of Dave “Man in a Hat” Martin’s brilliant professional photos, they’re VERY Shaftesbury! Maybe in September.

  4. Don´t forget to stuff your coat pockets with lots of things too! When I went back to the UK in April, (as well as my handluggage bag) I took my Barbour jacket with me and carried LOADS of things in the many pockets including my netbook, cables, camera, etc. AND, of course, on the way back I also managed to squeeze in some teabags! 🙂

  5. well it looks like you are ready to go. I have to say I love your suitcase it is a blast from the not too distant past and it has a rope about its middle .. don’t trust the airlines with your luggage they just toss it and oops I saw a bag on the luggage rack on my return this trip and the end had popped out. The lingeire was not from Victoria Secret. But I will say it was clean. safe trip wish I was there.

    • But each time I take a case, I have to leave it there! I’ll be looking out for Brits packing up, and I’ll be able to give them my heap of suitcases 🙂 It’s a Samsonite so shouldn’t burst open (I found it in mum’s loft). Wish you were there too Susan x

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