10 – Returning to Spain

Perfect timing.  More by luck than any planning, I’d been in England for the whole of the Olympics.  And like many, I’d gone from a level of almost total disinterest (and a large degree of cynicism) to becoming totally hooked on sports I would never normally watch.  So I’m glad I was there, particularly as it gave me the opportunity to test out the feelings of national loyalty that I’d written about in Blog 7 “Going Home”.  I have no idea where it comes from, and I am nervous of excessive and misplaced nationalism, but something happens when Rebecca Adlington is half a length from home and a stroke or two behind the American.  Something instinctive, tribal, guttural, wells up and you find yourself willing her on, screaming support at the screen.   And the delight at her win, and those of the rowers, shooters, cyclists, sailors and other athletes, is something extraordinary to experience, this identification with all others who happen to have been born on these same islands, just for the short duration of a sporting event.

So pride welled up from the start of the Opening Ceremony, and lasted beyond the Closing Ceremony.  I was pleased to be in England to share that pride with my British friends.

Then, as soon as it was all over, my attention turned back to Colmenar.  Had Rafael been able to make the half-installed air-conditioning in the bedroom work?  Had Antonio found me the perfect cheap and ancient little car to run about in?  Had the carpenter started building my dark wooden cube shelf unit for the lounge?   Would Jose turn up to connect the television aerial so I can watch Spanish television?  Would the phone line / internet package be sorted so I can watch English television?  Hugely excited to be returning to Colmenar, I packed an enormous suitcase of clothes, books, DVDs and a few home comforts, and headed ……. home?

© Tamara Essex 2012

2 thoughts on “10 – Returning to Spain

  1. The title could be also ” A Foot in Two Campos”. Wondering where the loyalties should be. I love my homeland , but I do love Colmenar. Now it would be difficult to make a choice , but you don’t have to do that .. ….This is where the roots of our homelands run very deep, much more than we realize at times and it takes something as grand as the Olympics to realize our true home and native land. This was true for me and many other Canadians when we hosted the 2010 Winter Olympics. We were so proud to recognize our country and welcome the world as our guests. Enjoy your lovely retreat.

    • Thanks Susan – I’m loving being back here. That’s interesting that you had the same experience when Canada hosted the Winter Olympics in 2010 – it certainly does seem to add a whole extra dimension that I hadn’t expected (not having been alive the last time the UK hosted any Olympics!).

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