“Conejo Blanco” Photo Challenge 2 – Repetition

Ah what an interesting challenge Marianne has set us this month!  “Repetition”.  My first reaction on seeing the topic was one of panic.  Did I understand it?  Could I find anything that would fit?  A plan emerged, and my hopes were pinned onto a visit to take place the following Saturday.

But then, totally unexpectedly, the metaphorical lightbulb lit up and I saw it.  In El Museo de Miel in Colmenar, showing friends round, there it was.  And suddenly I understood completely what “Repetition” could be.

I put my hands up to the fact that this is a “fake” photograph.  Well it’s a real photo, but of course it is a model of a beehive. Believe me, I wouldn’t have got in that close if they were real!  It’s part of the display at Colmenar’s Museo de la Miel.  Very fitting for me, as colmena is the Spanish for beehive – see my blog post about the museum at      http://bit.ly/TRk71V.  I’d been in the museum shop many times to buy caramelos de miel, honey sweets, and of course the honey itself.  I finally went around the exhibition part this week and this picture is the result.  Although the contents of the hive cells are different, the repetition comes from the exactly repeated shapes.

Before my second picture on the theme of repetition, I  must introduce you to my Bloggers-of-the-Week.   First is Bob.  Bob blogs about the wonderful birds of the Axarquía region, and who could fail to admire his photos, whether of rare or common birds, and his writing inspires me to visit some of the places he sees these lovely birds.  We must tread carefully though, if we all follow in his footsteps!  http://birdingaxarquia.blogspot.com.es/

My second blogger is very different.  John Bowen, known online as “That Consultant Bloke” writes fascinating columns on aspects of business.  Now don’t be put off by that!  I met John several years ago through a piece of consultancy I was doing and that I hoped he could help with, and despite that project not coming off we’ve remained in contact ever since.  He’s witty and clever, and if you run a business there are plenty of tips to be had at http://thatconsultantbloke.wordpress.com/.  And like all good bloggers and experts, he’s human too.  He blogged about a recent hospital stay with real insight, compassion and gratitude, and when put together, his hospital blog put all the right bits of our NHS on the pedestal it deserves.  Well worth a read:   http://thatconsultantbloke.wordpress.com/2012/08/22/a-patients-progress-the-volunteers-tale/

Right.  Back to the theme.  A few days after the visit to the honey museum, the planned trip took place when I was convinced I’d get my perfect “repetition” shot..  Saturday was the Día de las Pasas in the village of La Viñuela.  The Festival of Raisins.

Taking Gordon, my visitor, to the raisin festival was the ideal opportunity to visit “the other side” of Lake Viñuela for the first time.  I think the event livened up later on, but we were there near the start.  The benefit of that was that the tasty displays on all the stores were untouched, enabling me to get the picture I wanted.  Like the honeycomb picture above, the repetition comes from the large numbers of the same item, but at the same time I like being able to notice the differences as well as the similarities between the raisins, showing in fact that (just like fingerprints) none of them are the same at all!

Yet again, having this photo challenge has made me look at things differently as I’ve explored the area around my new home.  So here, Marianne, is my contribution to the September Conejos Blancos BlogHoppers photo challenge 🙂

4 thoughts on ““Conejo Blanco” Photo Challenge 2 – Repetition

  1. What a splendid entry to the Challenge, Tamara! I think, as with many challenges, the theme is totally open to your own interpretation of the word. When I have seen other people´s entries I have sometimes been surprised with what they have come up with – but that´s the nature of life. We are all different!

    I never got chance to visit the Día de las Pasas at La Viñuela because we ended up at the rugby match instead in Vélez-Málaga, so I´m pleased to see your photo 🙂

    OK, I´ll hop over and have a look at your featured blogs and say hello to Bob and John.

    See you tomorrow, BTW!

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