28 – Reflecting

A day for quiet contemplation.   A day for walking in the campo, reflecting on wonderful memories of my special mother on the day that would have been her 82nd birthday.  The first one without her ….. the first of many such firsts, sadly.  Reflecting too on 2012 as it slowly disappears over the horizon.  A year of sorrow, loss, endings and beginnings. Continue reading


27 – Net-Working

It occurred to me today that this whole “living in another country” lark, whether for full-timers or part-timers, would be massively harder without my trusty laptop and the dear old internet.  Continue reading

“Conejo Blanco” Photo Challenge 3 – Windows

Windows:   Windows looking outwards.  Windows looking inwards.  Windows of the soul.  A window of opportunity.  A window into the future.  A window into the past. Continue reading


26 – Market Day

It feels as though I’ve been here all summer, but in July there were only five nights in my home following the signing at the notario, then just ten nights in August, and a couple of weeks in September.  And on those previous visits, I’d managed to miss Market Day.  Continue reading


25 – Fiestas, Home and Away

Carnival!  Fiesta!  Masks!  Music!  Fire!   Is there a people of any nation that does not celebrate this way?   Málaga carnival – fancy dress, street music, processions, singing, dancing.  Notting Hill Carnival – the menu of activities is the same. Continue reading