33 – The Next Big Thing (Blog-Hop)

The Next Big Thing is a huge round-robin blog-hop of writers, authors, bloggers and journalists who share what they are embarking on next.  The format is a set of questions, which can be varied depending on whether the current baton-holder is an author of books, or an online blogger. Continue reading

30 – Bubble-Wrap and Pointless Possessions

A motorbike, two heads of antlers, a billiard table and a bonsai tree.  Somebody’s idea of the 5 most important things to take to Spain.   I suppose it must make sense to them.  Conveniently, the person who had booked three quarters of Graham’s transit van for their antlers and other valuables, had left room at the back for my stuff. Continue reading

29 – Expats or Immigrants?

Expat:   Expatriate.  A person who lives outside their native country(Oxford Dictionaries, online).    Short for expatriate, which comes from the Latin ex patria, meaning out of the homeland.

Immigrant:   A person who comes to live permanently in a foreign country (Oxford Dictionaries, online).

I can’t see a difference in the definitions, at all.  And yet the words appear to be used very differently.  In Spain I have once heard a Dutch woman describe herself as an immigrant, but with that single exception I have only heard European immigrants to Spain describe themselves as expats.  Continue reading