58 – I Never Thought …..

It’s the end of May.  How much has changed in the past year.  Continue reading


57 – Two Campos – a Contrast

Rural life in Shaftesbury, Dorset – the farming is milk, cheese and meat.  Rural life in Colmenar, Málaga – the farming is almonds, olives, lemons, oranges, sunflowers, avocados, and honey. Continue reading

56 – Getting Into Hot Water

It’s taken me 54 years, but I’ve finally learned how to chill.  How to really, properly, chill.  And it’s in the hot tub. Continue reading


55 – A Blank Canvas


A hundred artists descended on Colmenar earlier this month.  From nothing, each one created a finished painting within one single day.  The photographs here were all taken that day. Continue reading


54 – Going West

I headed west last week.  I didn’t like it.

Not far west, I stayed within Málaga province.  I’d already been further west and loved Huelva and Cadiz provinces – stunning coastline with some brilliant secluded beaches.  And since choosing to settle in the Axarquía region I’ve obviously explored east of Málaga.  But I had reached my ripe old age without ever visiting Marbella. Continue reading