62 – Pagan Night


Magic was most definitely in the air as the fates conspired in the best possible way, and not only put La Noche de San Juan on a Sunday but also ensured it coincided with a super-moon – the biggest and brightest full moon of the year, closer than usual, and causing lower low-tides and higher high-tides.  Coming so close on the heels of the solstice just two days before meant it was lower down than usual, creating a huge orangey-red orb on the sea’s horizon. Continue reading

61 – Underground, Overground

61-1-NewspaperThere was a massive blockage at the famous Nerja Caves when I went.  Not any sort of rock-fall, nothing dangerous – just the people with the photography franchise slowing everything down to a standstill, insisting on photographing every single entrant to the caves, in a narrow passage, before allowing us past.  Continue reading

60 – Let’s Prop Jesus on a Ladder


The arguing started before I was out of bed.  Women’s voices, raised in conflict.  “Más alta” … “No no – ¡¡¡ a la derecha !!!” …. “¡Arriba, arriba!”  It sounded as though civil war was breaking out in my little street of seven houses.  So much fighting?  On a Sunday? Continue reading