66 – Stalking Writers

A few weeks ago I wrote about stalking Molly and Marianne, the two bloggers who set the agenda for my first year’s forays out around the Axarquía región, the wider Málaga province, and over the border into Granada province.  I’m delighted that a few of my readers hopped over to look at these blogs – I’m sure you’ll enjoy what you find there. 

And now for the men I’m stalking.  So far this has been just virtual stalking.  I never miss a word they write, and some of the destinations or regions they describe get added to my Big List of Places to Go.  But they are all further afield so they do not have me snapping at their heels and following closely behind them ….. yet!  Do have a look at one or two of these – the writing is just wonderful.

65-paddypaellaPaddy Waller at the Spanish Thyme Traveller who runs tours around Valencia, shares my love of local food, and has made me add learning to cook paella properly to my bucket list.  http://www.thespanishthymetraveller.com/  and on Twitter @SpainThymTravel

Robin Graham at A Lot of Wind is a superb writer who has kindled my desire to spend more time in the Tarifa /Cadiz area.  His writing is thoughtful and beautiful and always reminds me to slow down, take a breath, and enjoy the moment.   http://alotofwind.com/  and  @RobinJGraham

65-matthewhirtes3Matthew Hirtes whose love of the Canary Islands in general and Gran Canaria in particular has put a visit there right up at the top of my list.  He writes professionally for a number of Spain tourism sites so is well worth following on Twitter for tips covering the whole country.  http://www.grancanarialocal.com/  and @MatthewHirtes

Simon Harris is the unrivalled expert on all things Barcelona and all things Catalan.  Reading him has helped my understanding of the Catalan independence debate.  He is the author of the definitive guide to Barcelona (“Going Native in Catalonia”) and also offers guided walks which are a great start to any citybreak.  http://www.barcelona-travel-guide.info/ and @simonharris

65-PaulReadGazpachoMonkSlightly closer by is The Gazpacho Monk.  How does one describe Paul?  Tai-chi teacher, writer, and in his own words “….. attempting to make some sense of the changing world at my feet and at my finger-tips”, he is brutally honest about the difficulties of understanding this country we have made our home, and delightfully random in the directions he goes and the images he uses in that process.   Through podcasts, recipes, photo-compositions, and recordings, the Gazpacho Monk (who has a black belt in gazpacho-tasting!) takes you in unexpected directions and never fails to stimulate.   www.insidethetortilla.com/  and @GazpachoMonk

Geography prevents me from stalking these writers very effectively, but I definitely plan to schedule a visit to each of their patches, and then they will find me sticking to them like a limpet just as I have done with Marianne and Molly.   Be afraid, guys, be very afraid.

I hope this sample of great blogs and Twitterers about Spain prompts you to visit other parts of this beautiful country (either live, or virtually) and to follow these inspiring writers who can bring a bit of Spain into your life wherever you are.

© Tamara Essex 2013


Along the same lines as my recent problem with “Se me da mal hablar en publico” (I am no good at public-speaking), I am also struggling with “Me cuesta ….” (literally it costs me, but meaning I find it difficult or I struggle with it).  “Me cuesta entender este verbo.” (I’m struggling to understand this verb!).  “Te cuestan las matemáticas?”  Are mathematics hard for you?”

“Me cuesta leer un libro en español, aunque me resulta fácil leerlo en ingles.”  “I struggle to read a book in Spanish, although I find it easy to read it in English.”  I managed to get the exercise on this that Juan-Mi had set me excruciatingly wrong.  Fortunately the language school is closed for August so I have a few weeks to get it right (along with the mountain of homework he has set me).

8 thoughts on “66 – Stalking Writers

  1. Really enjoy your Language Points section. Having ploughed through Michel Thomas, evening classes, Open University and private lessons in Spain I still struggle with the speed and the abbreviations of the Spanish in Andalucia. I don’t think I would have much success with the ladies of your ‘barrio’. Have enjoyed browsing back through your blog, since discovering it recently.

    • Thanks Jill – I’m never sure if the language points are useful or not, so feedback very gratefully received! Yes I’m never going to forget “Me voy pa pe’ccao” ….. ,

  2. We were stalked by a FB “friend”, Tamara. What you’re doing in comparison isn’t anywhere near as sinister. Thanks for sharing the word. And we look forward to welcoming you to Gran Canaria.

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