70 – Goodbye to the NHS

A flying visit to the UK, just for a week, mostly to see friends but also to sort the documents I need to begin the process of registering as resident in Spain.  Doing battle with British bureaucracy in order to minimise any hassle with Spanish bureaucracy. Continue reading

67 – Can’t Be Translated!

I remember writing a bit of French homework when I was about 12.  It was pretty dire, something about falling in a river and being rescued by a boy, and all I recall is that I ended it by writing that “now he is my boyfriend”, and simply putting together the French for boy and the French for friend, coming up with the non-existent word “garçon-ami”.  Wrong!  My friend Margaret remembered a similar mis-translation in which she was trying to write about blowing up a balloon, but ended up writing about making it explode.  So we know we can’t just translate word-for-word. Continue reading