70 – Goodbye to the NHS

A flying visit to the UK, just for a week, mostly to see friends but also to sort the documents I need to begin the process of registering as resident in Spain.  Doing battle with British bureaucracy in order to minimise any hassle with Spanish bureaucracy. Continue reading


69 – The Many Faces of Feria

IMG_8795A city enjoying itself.  A heaving, friendly, loud, joyous crowd of humanity, crushed into the city centre then dispersed into plazas, casetas, and random streets where singers sang, dancers danced, drinkers drank, and police looked on benignly. Continue reading

67 – Can’t Be Translated!

I remember writing a bit of French homework when I was about 12.  It was pretty dire, something about falling in a river and being rescued by a boy, and all I recall is that I ended it by writing that “now he is my boyfriend”, and simply putting together the French for boy and the French for friend, coming up with the non-existent word “garçon-ami”.  Wrong!  My friend Margaret remembered a similar mis-translation in which she was trying to write about blowing up a balloon, but ended up writing about making it explode.  So we know we can’t just translate word-for-word. Continue reading