79 – Driving Over Dreams of Lemons

First thing I did wrong was that I asked for un cafe nube doble en vaso.  My usual milky coffee.   Nope – I was in Orgiva in Granada province, now, so must remember to ask for una leche manchada doble en vasoLa dueña was ancient, and widowed (guessing by the black widows’ weeds) and corrected me politely. Continue reading

78 – Sex and Rolexes on the Beach

He’s one of the tallest men I’ve ever seen.  And he definitely has the biggest smile.  I guess you have to develop an easy charm and a friendly manner if you’re trying to sell complete rubbish to beach-goers in order to scrape a living.

Gabriel is there most days.  Sometimes he has hats, occasionally sunglasses, but his speciality is high-class watches.  Rolexes.  At a real bargain price of just €50.  Who can resist? Continue reading

77 – Armed and Extremely Prepared

I’m a pacifist.  So going armed does not come naturally.  But for this encounter I needed everything in the armoury.  I needed to be fully tooled-up.  The secret weapon, the ultimate defence, was primed and was nestling reassuringly in the deep pocket of my trousers.  Continue reading

76 – On The Red Carpet

I’m not really a red-carpet sort of person.  But when a friend has a screening at the Marbella International Film Festival …. well, you just have to go along to support him, don’t you?  And when it’s a beautifully-evocative film about food and traditional rural skills in a small Spanish village, nothing would have kept me away. Continue reading