87 – Just a Note

No blog this week as I am sunning it in Nerja over Christmas with my good friend Nikki.

I have been touched and amazed to see the readership grow throughout 2013, both here on the blog’s home site at WordPress, on the Eye on Spain blog site, and through the new Writers in Spain website. I am immensely grateful to everyone who has read any of the blog since it began in July 2012. I’m especially grateful to those who have taken the trouble to comment – your encouragement and suggestions mean a lot.

In 2014 the blog will continue, but perhaps more sporadically. It may be fortnightly, or simply as the mood takes me. I will continue to share the language points, as much because writing it down after the blog helps get it clear in MY head!
imageFinally may I wish all readers, regular, one-off or accidental, season’s greetings and a happy new year.

Felices fiestas y un prospero año nuevo!

LANGUAGE POINT – please don’t forget that tilde over the n (ie the ñ) in año. Nobody wants to be wished a prosperous new anus.

© Tamara Essex 2013

9 thoughts on “87 – Just a Note

  1. Thank you Tamara – as a new immigrant to Spain (Relleu, Costa Blanca) I’ve found your blogs fascinating and soo informative, especially the language points. A happy new year and a prosperous new anus! xx

  2. Your blog is great and I continue to look forward to reading it in ’14. No tilde on my keyboard so I’m not even going to go there!

  3. Really enjoying your blog, we have friends who live by Lake Vinuela and visited them in September for a day, it is a beautiful area.

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