93 – Spitting Distance

Tough decisions on Sunday.  So many options, so few hours in the day!  Finally the choice was made. Despite getting home from the opening night of Málaga’s Carnaval in the wee small hours, I decided I didn’t want to miss the mountain walk, so dragged myself grumbling from my cosy bed to pull on walking boots and make a sandwich for the midway break. Continue reading


92 – Deciphering Fay-Bu

Anyone with a teenager, or with teenage friends, or simply with friends a generation (or two!) younger than themselves, will be familiar with that furrowed brow you gain when trying to decipher a text message or a Facebook status that really seems to be written in another language. Continue reading

91 – A Morsel of Bacon

Unusually, I have written very little about food in this blog.  Strange, because it plays an enormous part in my life.  And it’s different here in Spain.  Not just the food, but the rituals around it, and the general approach to food. Continue reading