109 – Just Sitting

If there’d been a World Cup for sitting, Spain would have won it.  It’s a daily activity and it is taken almost to an art form.  The best thing about sitting, is the practising.

Every Andulcían pueblo has its old benches with the old guys sitting there.  Busy doing nothing, but doing it in company. Continue reading

108 – But You Don’t Speak Spanish …..

Anyone who has worked in HR or who has been for a job interview knows the trick that interviewers use, of asking you to tell them about your greatest faults.  This is never a good idea, as I found out when I began an interview for a volunteering role by telling her about my poor Spanish. Continue reading

106 – Jubilee Monday

Sometimes it’s easy to remember where you were on a certain date, what you were doing.  Kennedy’s assassination, Diana’s death, the twin towers – those big, shared experiences.  And some of the big royal occasions.  For a non-Royalist, how odd that big moments in my life seem to have been marked by the Queen’s jubilees. Continue reading