147 – It’s All About Tongues

Dentists don’t often make me laugh.  Sadly, it’s years since they were allowed to use laughing gas to knock us out before an extraction.  And I’m a really rubbish patient.   But my Spanish dentist is lovely.  Film-star looks, craggy, sexy voice, about the right age …..   COUGH!  Sorry, I wandered off for a moment there!  Anyway, back on topic, he DID make me laugh. Continue reading


146 – A Matter of Taste

A bit of fun before the final exams.  La Escuela Oficial de Idiomas ran an informal cookery competition amongst all the extranjeros learning Spanish, and we all had to bring a dish representative of our own countries. Continue reading

145 – The Notary, the Copy-Shop Clerk and the Immigration Adviser

Sounds like the beginning of a joke, doesn’t it?  “A notary, a copy-shop clerk and an immigration advisor go into a bar …”.  Sadly it was no joke.  It was a week of admin and bureaucracy.  And it was time-consuming. Continue reading