155 – Christmas in Bethlehem

Christmas in Palestine.  It’s something that calls to many people, whether Jew, Christian, Muslim, or even agnostic.  Birthplace of the alphabet, of Judaism, and of Christianity.  With a million years of human settlement, it was one of the earliest places in the world to see organised human habitation and agricultural development.  Continue reading


154 – A Tale of Two Yousefs

There’s a guy called Dirk Wolz in a small town in Germany who has opened his home to twenty-four Muslim refugees.   #Respect.  There are few people who would do that.  Very few.  I couldn’t.  I have only one, and that’s been challenging and enriching in equal measures. Continue reading

153 – A Different Planet

NASA experts tell us that it’s 25 million miles to get to another planet, but they’re completely wrong.  It’s actually just 25 minutes away along the A-45. Continue reading