“Conejo Blanco” Photo Challenge 2 – Repetition

Ah what an interesting challenge Marianne has set us this month!  “Repetition”.  My first reaction on seeing the topic was one of panic.  Did I understand it?  Could I find anything that would fit?  A plan emerged, and my hopes were pinned onto a visit to take place the following Saturday. Continue reading

“Conejo Blanco” photo challenge 1 – Looking Up

Well who knew that blogging was such a communal activity?  Turns out it’s NOT just a bunch of people sitting alone at their computers, sending their words out into the Blogosphere, never knowing if anyone reads their carefully-crafted prose.  Thanks to Marianne, who somehow found my first tentative steps into Spanish blogging, I have been able to connect with other bloggers about Andalucia, read their thoughts, stories and philosophies, and enjoy their photos. Continue reading