120 – Reddest, Greenest, Tastiest …

I’d heard it a million times.  Gardeners, exaggerating how marvellous their fruit and veg were.  Fisherman’s tales of everything being greener, bigger, rounder, smoother, and above all, so much BETTER than everything we poor mortals were buying.  Yawn.  Until my awakening.  Until that Damascene moment.  Until I ate the first tomato from my own plant. Continue reading

19 – Defining “Home”

Well, blog number 7 “Going Home” http://bit.ly/Rf54ZP provoked a storm of debate on Eye on Spain www.eyeonspain.com  where the different views of many ex-pats and extranjeros, part-time and full-time in Spain, weighed in with their fascinating perspectives on what defines “home”.  Continue reading

17 – The Almond Harvest (or: Ways to Ensure Your Neighbours Think You’re Mad number 67)

So Rafael has been working out in the campo, long hours, and finally it’s all paid off and he’s brought home the bacon.  Or rather, he’s brought home the almonds.  Thousands.  Hundreds of thousands.  And he appears to be storing them in his front room. Continue reading