166 – Catching Up


First of all it was remiss of me not to thank you all for the lovely thoughts and messages you sent following my heart attack.  I really did appreciate every one of them – “the kindness of strangers” means a lot.

Since then I’ve been doing a lot of catching up.  Trying to slow down, catching up with old friends, and catching up with long-delayed tasks. Continue reading


100 – Is This the Real Life? Is This Just Fantasy?

New routines have now become normality.  The morning bakery walk, round the outside of the village to the stunning views from the horse-trough.  Squeezing fresh oranges for breakfast.  Driving past the lake down to the coast for coffee and intercambio.  A bit of writing.  A bit of reading.  A tapas or two.   Planning an excursion.  Pointy-hooded processions and olive-spitting competitions.  Walks in the mountains.  Catching up with friends in the UK via Facebook.  Continue reading

46 – Lluvia, nieve, viento y frio

“Lluvia, nieve, viento y frio.  El invierno mostrará mañana su lado más duro en la provincia.”   Malaga Hoy, 27 febrero 2013, the day before Andalucía Day.  “Rain, snow, wind and cold.  The winter will show its harder side in the province tomorrow.” Continue reading


27 – Net-Working

It occurred to me today that this whole “living in another country” lark, whether for full-timers or part-timers, would be massively harder without my trusty laptop and the dear old internet.  Continue reading