179 – Escaping the Heat

Forty degrees and higher.  Really, that is too much.  The rhythm of the day changes to suit the temperature.  At the hottest time, after a lazy late lunch, it’s time for a siesta.  Late at night, after midnight and into the small hours, it is finally cool enough outside to sit on a kitchen chair on the slope of our little street and share some comfortable time with the neighbours, catching up with the minutiae of life. Continue reading

105 – The Drawer of Abandonment

It all began with “Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix”.  In the school of wizardry, Hogwarts, the Room of Requirement is a magic room, which only appears when someone has real need of it, and in it can be found the thing that is most needed.  I have something very similar in my house.  The Cupboard of Requirement is a magic cupboard, apparently, which always contains the thing I most need.  Continue reading