78 – Sex and Rolexes on the Beach

He’s one of the tallest men I’ve ever seen.  And he definitely has the biggest smile.  I guess you have to develop an easy charm and a friendly manner if you’re trying to sell complete rubbish to beach-goers in order to scrape a living.

Gabriel is there most days.  Sometimes he has hats, occasionally sunglasses, but his speciality is high-class watches.  Rolexes.  At a real bargain price of just €50.  Who can resist? Continue reading

29 – Expats or Immigrants?

Expat:   Expatriate.  A person who lives outside their native country(Oxford Dictionaries, online).    Short for expatriate, which comes from the Latin ex patria, meaning out of the homeland.

Immigrant:   A person who comes to live permanently in a foreign country (Oxford Dictionaries, online).

I can’t see a difference in the definitions, at all.  And yet the words appear to be used very differently.  In Spain I have once heard a Dutch woman describe herself as an immigrant, but with that single exception I have only heard European immigrants to Spain describe themselves as expats.  Continue reading