141 – Semana Semantics

141-rednazarenosThe pointy-hats have long ceased to shock me.  Once you realise that the Ku Klux Klan have NOT taken over Spain, the traditional costumes of the Nazarenos who lead and follow each cofradía (brotherhood) in the Semana Santa processions no longer provoke that inevitable first shocked reaction, and you can relax and enjoy the madness that takes over every city, town and village in Spain during Easter. Continue reading

99 – Wholly About Holy Week (and food and football)

We were trapped at the top of the Tribuna de los Pobres.  No chance of moving in any direction. 99-1-estudiantes Fortunately we were happy where we were.  In front of us, on the bridge, El Cautivo (one of the grandest and most popular Semana Santa floats) had halted, accompanied by 500 Nazarenos in their tall hoods.  Below us at the foot of the curved steps crowded with people, the beautiful float of Los Estudiantes moved slowly and majestically by. Continue reading

50 – The Splendour and the Silence

La Virgen del Rocío - foto Ayuntamineto de Málaga

La Virgen del Rocío – Foto – Ayuntamiento de Málaga

Changeable weather couldn’t keep the penitents, the celebrants, the Nazarenos or the tourists away from Semana Santa.  In every city, town and village in Spain, people turned out to see the richly-decorated floats and the cofradías (brotherhoods) carrying them. Continue reading