71 – The End of Summer

The gota fría arrived with a vengeance and washed cars down the main street of Antequera, took the river over its banks in Riogordo, and left my car cleaner than it had been all summer.  The sudden storms at the end of the summer, when warm air rising from the sea meets the cooler upper airstreams, are fortunately brief, and we are left with the fresh smell of damp leaves all around. Continue reading

38 – A Spang-ly Spang-lish Christmas

Traditions from home and abroad mingled this year, and new traditions began as old ones were put away.  The warm sun made this a very different Christmas from those of previous years, plus a new village, new neighbours, and the first Christmas in 54 years without Mum. Continue reading

34 – The Enchanted Place

“Christopher Robin was going away.”  Possibly the most tear-jerking words in the whole canon of children’s literature.   The opening line of “The House at Pooh Corner” – chapter ten “In Which Christopher Robin and Pooh Come to an Enchanted Place and We Leave Them There.”

It makes tough reading, even for grown-ups. Continue reading